Demonstration Areas

Conservationists have set up regional habitat initiatives based on Bird Conservation Regions. Partners in these regions include state and federal agencies, wildlife organizations, land trusts, forest products companies, and private landowners, all working together to make habitat for woodcock.

American woodcock

American woodcock./E. Dresser

Partners create, renew, and expand healthy, productive tracts of young forest through harvesting timber, planting native shrubs and trees, and conducting controlled burns. These habitat-enhancing efforts help woodcock along with many other wild creatures: birds such as golden-winged warblers, brown thrashers, and whip-poor-wills; mammals including bobcats and cottontail rabbits; and reptiles like wood turtles and green snakes. Many kinds of wildlife, both common and rare, require young forest for some or all of their life needs.

Partners have set up many demonstration areas where people can go and see woodcock habitat created by different management techniques.

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