Are you a landowner who wants to make young forest on your property? A land manager who’d like to learn more about this important habitat? A natural resources professional looking for more-technical information? If you are interested in adapting one of these resources for your own state or organization, please contact the author of the resource directly.

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Communications strategy aimed at encouraging private landowners in an eastern West Virginia watershed to seek technical and financial assistance to undertake young forest habitat projects benefiting golden-winged warbler, cerulean warbler, and associated wildlife. Has application to other...

Scientific paper in PLOS-ONE journal explaining how landowners who went out on their properties with natural resource technicians expressed higher trust in the agency helping them create habitat, plus better perceptions of management outcomes.

Design for folder to hold young forest communications materials.

When talking about young forests, communicators can use these key messages to get across important concepts (193 KB file).

40-pg. guidebook helping conservationists explain the importance of young forest to the public and other key audiences (3 MB file).

Advice from a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service public affairs specialist presented in PowerPoint format (5.38 MB file).

PowerPoint explaining why young-forest habitat is important and how to make and maintain it. Use when speaking to concerned citizens, clubs and organizations, and conservation audiences such as foresters and agency employees. (44.74 MB. To save file rather than simply opening it, right click on...

Suggested script for Young Forest PowerPoint Presentation (above). Common language and key messages to reach a broad range of audiences (5 MB file).