Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership

The Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership seeks to renew habitat for woodcock, golden-winged warblers, and more than 60 other species of wildlife. Says Amber Roth, a habitat biologist with the Golden-Winged Warbler Working Group and a member of the Wisconsin Young Forest Partnership's Executive Committee, “Our goal is to educate and engage landowners who are not currently managing their forested lands, so that they’ll consider all of their management options and, we hope, decide to make and enhance young forest for wildlife in appropriate places.” Adds Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources biologist and WYFP Chairperson Jeremy Holtz, “By pooling agency and partner resources and conducting this effort in a structured way, we can do landscape-scale habitat work while helping local economies through sustainable timber harvesting. Correctly planned and carried out, young forest projects boost outdoor recreation, as folks have more and better opportunities to watch wildlife and to hunt” – both popular activities in Wisconsin. The WYFP includes federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, counties, forestry companies, and private landowners.